Not Your Average Gary

not your average gary

Welcome to Not Your Average Gary! I have been creating most my life in many different ways and mediums. My goal is to make artwork that inspires others and challenges myself. I wanna note my own world within the one around us and bring people together. 

Tattoos / Illustration

Placing my artwork on people permanently is a honor to have, the amount of trust and support that I get from my clients truly amazes me. I have learned how to tattoo from friends and family and the feeling after you complete one is simply great.
*Currently not taking new tattoo clientele, online commissions are still welcome.

Graphic Design

Digital Art or products I design for my Society6 are made original and mainly from free-mind, the perfection you can achieve digitally is remarkable, removing most all errors in comparison to hand made illustration.

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Not Your Average Gary


  The use of my photos I keep for local web design and prints. I mainly take photos of city and nature with minimal edits but sometimes design or photo manipulate within.

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Not Your Average Gary

Not Your Average Gary

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