Tattoo Consent

Tattoo Consent

The thing about tattoos is that they’re basically a surgery, of the skin which you’re wide awake for and able to collaborate on. When you get a tattoo, you are giving a certain amount of trust to the artist that is crucial for the success of the process. The most important part of all of this is the client being comfortable with this process and knowing what all they are consenting to when getting a tattoo.

First and foremost, you consent to the design. Don’t be afraid to have a thorough consultation with your artist about what exactly you want. You and all your ideas are welcome.  It is a collaborative process, so make sure you love what you are going to be putting on your body before the ink goes in!

Body placement is the next thing. You have every right to decide what part of your body your tattoo goes on. If it is a sensitive area, it is important to know that coverings will be provided where applicable, needed or requested. Your comfort will always be prioritized. 

You are consenting to the process. Tattoos are a timely and intimate process! Make sure you are prepared for the time that it takes to go through the design, find the perfect placement and sit through the actual tattoo procedure. When getting tattooed, you are essentially allowing your skin to be a canvas on which the artist may need to maneuver around sensitive areas. It is crucial to communicate what you are comfortable with. Again, your comfort will always be respected. Trust is a huge part of the process!

Finally, you consent to being responsible for the healing of your new body art. The artist will provide necessary post-tattoo care instructions. Make sure to ask any clarification questions regarding the healing process. Once you leave the studio, it is your responsibility to take care of the worked-on area for a smooth healing. 

Written by Cass McLaughlin